Web Design

In this digital era, a professional web design is more important than ever. Just imagine yourself shopping for a product or service, what is the first thing you think of? Does the company have a website? If you can’t find their website than you probably think that it could be a scam or maybe you find a different company that sells what you are looking for. Now, you’ve lost that potential customer.

Run Down Website

I have a website, why do I need a profession designer?

Now, imagine going to a store, as you pull up to it you notice the signage is just some banner they quickly slapped up or maybe the building is need of some major repair. What would you think of the store? It’s probably some fly-by-night business. This is the same when your website looks and feels like it was done by a high schooler or an intern, uses outdated graphics, or the navigation is poorly designed. The potential customer will not stick around long for you to make a sale.

First Impression

Professionally Designed Website

Your business website is often the first point of contact with a potential customer, it has to present a good and lasting first impression. If you have a logo or brand colors used in business cards or brochures, they should also be used throughout your website, not only will your website look more professional, it will give you brand recognition. When the look of your brand changes with each piece of communication you have with your customer, it can make them uncomfortable and wary of your business. You want to be instantly recognizable with any of your communications with your customers, this includes your website and emails as well as any of your printed material.


Not only should your website look professional, it should also be easy to navigate, meaning, the customer has to be able to find what he or she is looking for quickly and easily. Cumbersome or multi-leveled menus will cause the customer to click the back button instead of going forward and learning more about your business. You want your website to be so easy to navigate that even your grandmother can you find what she is looking for.


You may have heard that content is king, well, it’s true and false, good content is king. If you have poorly written articles or worst yet, you only have one or two pages, the potential customer will most likely leave after looking at your site for a couple of minutes. With nothing there to keep their interest or to give them what they are looking for, most people leave and find another website that has what they are looking for. The more good content you have on your site, the more a customer will stay on the site, reading everything they can about your business and your products and services. You can even give them information and tips to help them with what they are looking for, which will keep them coming back for more.


When users of your website can find what they are looking for and get some value out of what you are offering them on your website, you start to build rapport and trust with them. The more value they see from your business, the more authoritative you become in your field and the more trust you gain from them. This will make it easier for them to give your their name and email and you gaining another lead and ultimately, a sale.

The Web Designer

The role of the web designer is to create the professional online image for your business. He will create a website that is easily navigable with quality content that builds credibility and authority for your business. Your website will build rapport with new customers and sell them on your services before they even talk to salesperson.