Creating Content Web Marketing Strategies for Your Website


Content web marketing strategies have become increasingly significant for businesses. However, we post and share our content, secondary only to the quality of the content we create. It might seem like a straightforward concept, but content marketing is not all that simple. For a content marketing campaign to become successfully, a well-developed strategy is needed. If you create web pages, blog posts, videos or other types of content online, you are considered a publisher. So it is time to think like a publisher when it comes to developing your content marketing strategy.


Content Creation

The creation part is where the magic happens. The opportunities are endless when it comes to content creation, between blog posts, infographics, slideshows, videos, photo albums, podcasts and more. As part of your strategy and planning, you have to determine who will create your content. This might be internal staff or partners, or it can be outsourced to content development agencies.

Think about drafting a creative brief for your content creator. This way, messaging, concepts and ideas will not get lost during the creation process. Give your content creator all the research you have to ensure they see the whole picture and work to get the message across efficiently.

Content Distribution and Promotion

Distributing your content is one of the most important steps in a content web marketing strategy. After all, it is what content marketing is all about. There are plenty of places to distribute content, depending on the content medium. Each distribution channel should be noted on your editorial calendar.


Promotion is what drives traffic and links back to your original content. Be sure to include traditional PR and blogger outreach efforts as part of your plan, as they can be very important in giving your content the exposure it deserves. At a very minimum, share a link to your content on each social media channel your brand is active on. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are probably all on your promotion list, but do not forget about niche social media sites as well.

Results Measurement

At the start of your creating your content marketing strategy, make sure that you have established goals and benchmarks. After your content marketing campaign has been deployed, it is time to start measuring. Of course, results measurement is a continuous process, but can be started right away.

Measure your results against the benchmarks recorded for your established goals, but also look at trend and other metrics. You may be surprised to see the positive affects a quality content piece that is well distributed and promoted can have on your website and online presence.

Content marketing can be very beneficial for your business if it is done correctly, and if you consider the above points when developing your strategy.

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