SEO In A Nutshell

Is your website driving clients to your business? Is it bringing in leads day after day? Is it creating sales for you? If not, then you are losing a large number of prospective customers to your competition. Instead of going to your website and seeing what your company has to offer, they around going to your competitor’s website and contacting them for their needs. Even if you are the better company, if a potential customer can not get to your website, they would not know what you have to offer. SEO can change that and divert all those leads to your website instead.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, involves optimizing or changing a website such that it becomes keyword friendly to the Search Engines. A keyword is a word or set of words that someone types in when they are doing a search with a search engine. We want to target certain keywords so that when the search engines crawl your website, it finds pages with those keywords and index them in their database. When a user types in those search terms, the search engine with see that your pages are related to those keywords.

This is only part of the equation, since most of your competitors are doing the same thing, they also have pages that are related to those keywords you have chosen. Just type in a search term related to your business and see how many pages Google returns. Those are the people and pages you are competing against. The pages at the top of the search results have a better reputation than the pages at the bottom. Search engines have a complex algorithm, that is in continual development, to rate and rank pages so that the most relevant pages are returned to the user doing the search. That is the job of the search engine, to match, as best as they can, the user with what they are looking for. This is where a SEO consultant or company comes in, we increase the ranking of your pages for certain keywords to improve your website’s chances and ability to show up in the first page of search results.

Search Engine Optimization has gained a lot of importance as it allows you to use your website to market your products and services on the Internet and drive users and traffic to it. As more and more people use the Internet to research products and services before they make a purchasing decision, it becomes an even more important marketing medium for your business. A well planned SEO strategy can give your website promotion efforts the boost and the results you need.

EskieTech can optimize your website both on and off site to get you more traffic, contact us to find out more.